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Tammy Mahon: "I look at my whole career as being a success"

Ficha técnica

Name: Tammy Mahon

Nickname: Tams

Shirt Number: 4

Position: Left Side

Club: Team Canada Volleyball


1.How did you start playing?
I started playing in Grade 9 with my high school team

2. Do you have an idol?
My parents and many teammates along the way who have inspired, motivated and supported me.

3. Which coach influenced you the most in your career? Why?
Ken Bentley from the University of Manitoba. In high school, volleyball was not my best sport but it was the one I loved the most. Ken saw my love for the game and my athletic ability, and turned me into the player I am today both physically and mentally.

4. You played in many leagues all over the world. Which is/was your favourite and why?
It would be hard to pick a favourite because each experience was so different and I ve learned so much from each one! Each city, team and situation offers it's own unique experience, and I have loved all of them!

5. What was your biggest success so far?
I would say winning back to back national championships in university and winning the Greek Championship last year would be my biggest accomplishments. But, I look at my whole career as being a success....I love what I do, I ve met amazing people along the way, and would not change a thing about my career thus far.

6. What are your goals for this season?
This is the Olympic qualifying year for Team Canada, so the ultimate goal is the qualify for London in 2012.

7. In which other leagues would you like to play?
I don't really have a preference! Every league and country has something great to offer!

8. Do you have a funny moment or anecdote to share with us?
With a team full of girls, there are lots of funny moments!! Too many to name just one!! I find myself laughing everyday about a situation, or a play made or just a joke from one of my teammates!


Favourite food: Pizza

Recommend a book: I am currently reading "The Help" and I really love it!
Favourite film: Pretty Woman

If you hadn't become a volleyball player… I would have gone to school to become a Vet because I am as equally passionate about animals as I am about volleyball!

Some words to finish:

I feel blessed everyday to do what I do! I love my job and any athlete who has the desire or opportunity to try playing professionally should do it! Thank you to all the people in my life who continue to support me and be my biggest fans!

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